Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Our next thought was.... What are we going to live in.  To save many expenses, we are going to tear down our hay barn that exists on our current property and build it back up onto our new property.  The hay barn is only 12X20 but that is all we need.
This is what we hope for the interior to kind of look like
This is our current home 3,000 sq. ft.
The building to the left is our soon to be home only 340 sq. ft. with a loft built into it.
The current interior of our new home

Our next steps are to:
- Visit our property in VA this weekend and do some planning
- Tear down our hay barn, transfer it to VA, and build it back up into our home
- Buy a travel trailer to live in until our home is livable
- Put in temporary electric
- Drill a well


  Hello and welcome to our blog. My name is Brooke and my boyfriend's name is Erik. We are a bit of an odd couple but that's what we like about our relationship. We currently live in the hills of West Virginia in a large home. Lately in our lives one thing seem to be following us and coming up everywhere. We want to live a simpler, greener, cheaper, more sustainable life. For many months we thought that we were going to buy a houseboat and live on Smith Mountain Lake, VA. A houseboat seemed to be a good idea but we have two American Bulldogs that need space to move around. So...After many nights of talking about our future and what we want in our life, we finally decided what we want to do!

  We want to build our own little homestead. Just a few days ago we were looking at properties in the Smith Mountain Lake area. We are on a tight budget so we weren't having the best of luck. Until we came across a small plot of land located in Bedford, VA. The price was super low and we thought what the heck it won't hurt to call up and ask about it.  To make a long story short, we had a verbal agreement to sign a contract within 24 hours of first seeing the property online. We have not seen it yet either.

We hope that this .37 acre lot will soon become our home. As we go along through this blog, we hope to document our journey and expenses. So to start, here we go:
Land- $ 2,950 (listing price)
          $ 2,450 (offer price)
Closing cost- $ 733
The picture of Our Land from the Realtor's Page